The tailbone:

The tailbone:

The last bone at the end of the backbone is the part of the human body that is never lost. It does not even decompose completely in the ground.

In several Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is reported, that the tailbone is the origin of the human being. And on Judgment Day God will emerge a human being from his or her tailbone.

The holy scripts are:

1) Abu Huraira narrated, that the Prophet (pbuh) said:

“All of the Sons of Adam (men) will decay except for the bone of coccyx (tailbone). From it he (man) was created and by it he will be reconstructed.”

2) Abu Huraira narrated, that the Prophet (pbuh) said:

“There is nothing of the human body that does not decay except one bone; that is the little bone at the end of the coccyx of which the human body will be recreated on the Day of Resurrection.”

Handed down by Al-Bukhari, Al Nassii, Abu Daoud, Ibn Majah and Ahmad in his book Al Mousnad and Malek in his book Al Mouattaa. In those Hadith are some unambiguous statements and facts:

– Man is created from the tailbone
– The tailbone will not decompose
– On Judgment Day the resurrection will be from the tailbone.

For the scientific facts behind this, plz click the link bellow:…/mirac…/TheTailboneMiracle.html

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Evolution? Creation?


**It says,”Allah(swt) is-Al-KHALIQ”(The Creator).

**It also says,”Allah(swt) is-Al-BARI”(The Evolver).

For the Muslim there is no need for separation between religion and science. It is understood from the Quran, revealed over 1,400 years ago, that there is both; “Creation” and “Evolution.” And in both instances, it is only Allah who is “Able to do all things.” In fact, it was the Muslim scientists, more than 1,000 years ago, who set the stage for the advancement of learning, technology and disciplines in science that we know today.

Allah has explained how He created everything in the universe and brought all life out of water. He created humans from earth (not monkeys) and there is no need to attempt fabrications of “links” to the animal world in Islam.

The Christian Bible says that Adam & Eve were both created here on Earth, less than 10,000 years ago. The Quran says that Adam & Eve were created in Heaven, and NOT on Earth. When they disobeyed God, He expelled them from Heaven, down to Earth.

Muslims believe that souls are assigned to humans 40 days after the human inception. The Quran says that angels retrieve human souls on two occasions. One occasion is when humans die. The other occasion is every time humans fall asleep. When humans wakeup, the angels release those souls back to them:

It is Allah that takes the souls (of men) at death; and those that did not die, during their sleep: those on whom He has passed the decree of death, He keeps back, but the rest He sends (to their bodies) for a term appointed. Verily in this are Signs for those who reflect.

[Noble Quran 39:42]

And Allah has Created every animal from water; of them are some creeping on their bellies; some walk on two legs; and some on four. Allah Creates what He wills: for sure Allah has Power over all things.

[Noble Quran 24:45]

The Quran has set a precedent 14 centuries before modern science, explaining in simple and direct terms about his “creation” of animals and their various functions and then assures us it is He who has the Power over everything. This statement includes the fact Allah can if He Wills, reshape and alter his creation as He Chooses. There is clear evidence within many species of alteration and changes within the species. However, there is no concrete evidence to support a cross over in development from one type to another, such as reptiles turning into birds or alligators turning into cows. The statements made in Quran are quite clear when Allah tells us of having brought forth other life forms and then destroying or replacing them with others. This again, does not imply evolution in the sense of one type becoming or changing into another.

Allah tells us He is Al-Bari, (The Shaper or Evolver) but once again, this does not mean He has a need to bring about each individual life form all from one kind. Actually, while reading the Quran you learn He has brought many types and shapes and sizes as He Wills. Changes within species occur even as quickly as one or two seasons, not even taking a whole year, much less millions as was supposed by Darwin.

Speaking of Charles Darwin, he was only an armature naturalist and had only observed the finches (birds) on the Galapagos Islands for the first time in the mid 1850s. He noticed that on each island the birds had different shaped beaks according to the type of food available on their particular island. For this reason, he assumed, the birds had progressed over millions of years and only the hardiest of the species had survived the climate and vegetation changes. However, this is totally inaccurate and was dismissed as a mere humor in a TV series on the educational channel in October of 1998. According to the scientists’ discoveries in that very same year, the effects of the weather phenomenon known as El Nino, the climate on these same exact islands had drastically changed in a single year within a number of months. And to their surprise, the eggs of the finches on each island hatched open producing birds with beaks already altered to accommodate the changes of their environment.

The commentator even said this shoots Darwin’s theory completely down and he laughed.

There is no DNA research pointing to a connection between apes and humans as was supposed by the scientists and those who had financed them over the years. In fact, the barnyard pig is closer to humans in many aspects, than a monkey or a gorilla. Consider the fact, doctors use the skin from pigs to replace needed tissue on burn victims and the famous movie actor, John Wayne had a pig’s heart valve installed in his own heart in a 1977 operation to save his life. It worked, too – until his smoking caused him to die of cancer.

The rational approach to the whole subject is rather simple. Just as He is able to Create the universe and bring forth life, it is simple also for Him to produce as many different types of forms of life as He Wills. No problem for Him, after all – He is the Creator and He is the Shaper. And most important, He can change anything as He Wills – even today.

Honeybees are one of science’s great mysteries because they have remained unchanged for 20 million years. That is a big blow to the evolutionists.
The fact that changes happen to some referral given by others, are not the best proof to say that evolution took place… because the changes are merely on sizes not changing from one species to another like for example from ape to human.
The living honeybee is no different than its fossil relative, which is millions of years old.

The 135 million year old dragon fly fossil is no different than its modern counterparts.

A comparison of ant fossil aged 100 million years and an ant living in our day clearly indicates that ants do not have any evolutionary history.

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মিষ্টি ও লবণাক্ত পানির মধ্যে অন্তরায়:সমুদ্র বিজ্ঞান-জাকির নায়েক


সমুদ্র বিজ্ঞান-জাকির নায়ক

মিষ্টি ও লবণাক্ত পানির মধ্যে অন্তরায়:

এমর্মে আল্লাহ কোরআন মজীদে বলেনঃ
“তিনি পাশাপাশি দু’সাগর প্রবাহিত করেছেন উভয়ের মাঝে রয়েছে অন্তরাল, যা তারা অতিক্রম করেনা।”সূরা আর রাহমান -১৯-২০ আরবী ভাষার (বারযাখ )মানে ,আড়াল বা অন্তরায়।অবশ্য এটা কোন দৈহিক অন্তরায় নয়।(মরজা)শব্দের অর্থ হল,তারা উভয়ে (দু’সাগর )এক সাথে মিশে একাকার হয়ে যায়।’প্রাথমিক যুগের তাফসীরকারকরা পানির দু’টো ধারার দু’টো বিপরীতমুখী অর্থের ব্যাখ্যা করতে অপারগ ছিলেন।অর্থাৎ কিভাবে তারা মিশে একাকার হয়ে যায়,অথচ উভয়ের মধ্যে রয়েছে আড়াল।আধুনিক বিজ্ঞান আবিষ্কার করেছে যে,যেখানে দু’সাগর এসে মিলিত হয় সেখানে উভয়ের মাঝে একটি আড়াল বা অন্তরায় থাকে।ঐ অন্তরায় দু’সাগরকে বিভক্ত করে রাখে।ফলে দেখা যায়,প্রত্যেক সাগরের রয়েছে নিজস্ব তাপমাত্রা,লবণাক্ততা এবং ঘনত্ব।(1.principles of oceanography, Davis,pp 92-93)সাগর বিশারদদের পক্ষে এ আয়াতের ব্যাখ্যা দানের উত্তম সুযোগ রয়েছে।সাগরের মাঝে প্রবাহমান ঢালু পানির অদৃশ্য আড়াল আছে যার দিয়ে এক সাগরের পানি অন্য সাগরে যায়।
কিন্তু যখন এক সাগরের পানি অন্য সাগরে প্রবেশ করে তখন সে পানি তার নিজস্ব বৈশিষ্ট্য হারিয়ে ফেলে এবং অন্য সাগরের পানির বৈশিষ্ট্যের সাথে একাকার হয়ে যায়।দু’পানির ধারার মধ্যে ঐ অন্তরায় একটি অন্তবর্তীকালীন একাকারকারী জোন হিসেবে কাজ করে।
কোরআনের নিম্নোক্ত আয়াতেও এই বিষয়ের উল্লেখ এসেছে।আল্লাহ বলেনঃ
“তিনি সে সত্তা যিনি দু’সাগরের মাঝে অন্তরায় সৃষ্টি করেছেন।” সূরা নমল -৬১
এ অবস্থা বা অন্তরাল বিভিন্ন সাগরে দেখা যায়।জিব্রাল্টারে ভূমধ্যসাগর ও আটলান্টিক মহাসাগরের মিলন স্থলে,কেপ পয়েন্ট,কেপ পেলিনসুলা এবং দক্ষিণ আফ্রিকার যেখানে আটলান্টিক মহাসাগর ভারত মহাসাগরের সাথে মিলিত হয়েছে সেখানে।
কিন্তু কোরআন যেখানে মিষ্টি পানি ও লবণাক্ত পানির কথা বলে,তখন তা ঐ অন্তরালের সাথে নিষেধকারী প্রতিন্ধকতার কথা উল্লেখ করে।আল্লাহ বলেন,
“তিনি সমান্তরালে দু’সমুদ্র প্রবাহিত করেছেন, এটি মিষ্ট,তৃষ্ণা নিবারক ও এটি লোনা,বিস্বাদ ;উভয়ের মাঝেখানে রেখেছেন একটি অন্তরায়,একটি দুভের্দ্য আড়াল।” সূরা ফোরকান- ৫৩
আধুনিক বিজ্ঞানের আবিষ্কার অনুযায়ী দেখা যায়,মিষ্টি পানি যেখানে লবণাক্ত পানির সাথে গিয়ে মিশে, সে স্থানের অবস্থা ঐ স্থান থেকে ভিন্ন যেখানে দু’লবণাক্ত পানি গিয়ে মিশে।নদীর মোহনার লবণাক্ত পানি ও মিষ্টি পানি মিলিত হলে যে পার্থক্য সূচিত হয়,তার কারণ হল, সেখানে দুটো স্তরকে পৃথককারী চিহ্নিত ঘনত্বের ধারাবাহিতাবিহীন pycnocline zone রয়েছে।(oceanography, Gross, p.242,introductory ocanograpry, Thurman pp300,301) আর এই আড়াল সৃষ্টিকারী জোনে মিষ্টি পানি ও লবণাক্ত পানির লবণাক্ততার মধ্যে পার্থক্য রয়েছে।(do)
এদৃশ্য মিসরের নীল নদ ভূমধ্যসাগরের যে মিলিত হয়েছে,সেখানে সহ আরো বহু জায়গায় দেখা যায়।কোরআনে উল্লেখিত এই বৈজ্ঞানিক বিষয়টি যুক্তরাষ্ট্রের কলোরাডো বিশ্বেবিদ্যালয়ের প্রখ্যাত সমুদ্র বিজ্ঞানী ও ভূতত্ব বিদ্যার অধ্যাপক ডঃ উইলিয়াম হের বক্তব্য দ্বারাও প্রমাণিত হয়েছে।

মহাসাগরের গভীরের অন্ধকারঃ

অধ্যপক দুর্গা রাও একজন প্রখ্যাত সামুদ্রিক ভূতত্ববিদ এবং জেদ্দার বাদশাহ আবদুল আযীয বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের সাবেক অধ্যাপক ছিলেন।তাঁকে কোরআনের নিম্নোক্ত আয়াতের উপর মন্তব্য করতে বলা হয়ঃ
“অথবা (তাদের কর্ম) প্রমত্ত সমুদ্রের বুকে গভীর অন্ধকারের ন্যায়, যাকে উদ্বেলিত করে তরঙ্গের উপর তরঙ্গ,যার উপরে ঘন কালো মেঘ আছে।একের উপর এক অন্ধকার।যখন সে তার হাত বের করে,তখন তাকে একেবারেই দেখতে পায় না।আল্লাহ যাকে জ্যোতি দেন না,তার কোন জ্যোতি নেই।সূরা আন নূর-৪০
অধ্যপক রায় বলেন, বিজ্ঞানীরা সম্প্রতি মাত্র আধুনিক যন্ত্রপাতির সাহায্যে মহাসাগরের গভীরের অন্ধকার সম্পর্কে নিশ্চিত হতে পেরেছে।মানুষ বিনা সাহায্যে পানির ২০-৩০ মিটার নীচে ডুব দিতে পারেনা এবং সাগরের ২০০ মিটারের অধিক নীচের অঞ্চলে বাঁচাতেও পারেনা। এ আয়াতে সকল সাগরের কথা বলা হয়নি। কেননা, সকল সাগরের নীচে অন্ধকারের স্তর নেই। আয়াতে কেবল গভীর সাগর বা মহাসাগরের কথাই বলা হয়েছে কেননা আল্লাই উক্ত আয়াতে বলেছেন, ‘গভীর সাগরের অন্ধকার’। দু‘টো কারণে গভীর মহাসাগরের স্তরবিশিষ্ট অন্ধকার দেখতে পাওয়া যায়।
১। আলোক রশ্মির সাতটি রং রংধনুতে দেখতে পাওয়া যায়। সে রং গুলো হলো, বেগুনী, নীল , নীলাভ সবুজ হলুদ, কমলা এবং লাল।আলোক রশ্মি পানিতে পড়লে তা ভেঙ্গে যায়। পানির উপরিভাগের ১০-১৫ দশ মিটার পর্যন্ত লাল রং ধারণ করতে পারে। কোন ডুবুরী পানির ২৫ মিটার নীচে ডুব দিয়ে আহত হলে, নিজের রক্তের লাল রং দেখতে পাবেনা।কেননা লাল রং ঐ গভীরতা পর্যন্ত পৌ ছায় না। অনুরূপভাবে কমলা রং পানির ৩০-৫০ মিটার নীচ পর্যন্ত পৌঁছে, হলুদ রং ৫০-১০০ মিটার, সবুজ রং ১০০-২০০ মিটার, নীল রং ২০০ মিটার এবং বেগুনী ও নীলোভ রং ২০০ মিটার গভীর পর্যন্ত পৌঁছে। যেহেতু বিভিন্ন স্তরে বিভিন্ন রং দেখা যায় না , ফলে মহাসাগর অন্ধকার হয়। অর্থাৎ আলোর স্তরসমূহে অন্ধকার স্থান দখল করে । পানির ১০০০ মিটার নীচে সম্পূর্ণ অন্ধকার।
২।মেঘ সূর্যরশ্মিকে ধারন করে বিক্ষিপ্ত করে দেয়। ফরে মেঘের নীচে অন্ধকারের ১টি স্তর সৃষ্টি হয়।এটাই হল,অন্ধকারের ১ম স্তর।সূর্যের আলো মহাসাগরের উপরে পড়লে তা ঢেউয়ের মধ্যে প্রতিফলিত হয়।তখন একে আলোকোজ্জল মনে হয়।ঢেউ আলোর প্রতিফলন ঘটায় এবং অন্ধকার সৃষ্টি করে।অপ্রতিফলিত আলোক রশ্মি মহাসাগরের গভীরে প্রবেশ করে।ফলে মহাসাগরের মধ্যে দুটো ভাগ দেখতে পাওয়া যায়।উপরের ভাগে আলো ও উষ্ণতা এবং গভীরে রয়েছে অন্ধকার।উপরের অংশটি ঢেউয়ের কারণে গভীর সমুদ্র থেকে ভিন্ন ধরনের।
আভ্যন্তরীন ঢেউয়ের মধ্যে সাগর ও মহাসাগরের গভীর পানিও শামিল আছে।কারণ,তখন উপরের পানি অপেক্ষা নীচের পানির ঘনত্ব বেশী থাকে।
আভ্যন্তরীন ঢেউয়ের নীচে অন্ধকার শুরু হয়।এমন মহাসাগরের গভীরে অবস্থানকারী মাছগুলো তখন দেখতে পায়না।তাদের আলোর একমাত্র উৎস হল,নিজেদের শরীরের আলো।
কোরআন এর যর্থাথ বর্ণনা পেশ করে বলেছেঃ“প্রমত্ত সমুদ্রের বুকে গভীর অন্ধকারের ন্যায়,যাকে উদ্বেলিত করে তরঙ্গের উপর তরঙ্গ।
অন্য কথার,এ সকল ঢেউয়ের উপর আরো বিভিন্ন প্রকারের ঢেউ আছে যা মহাসাগরের উপরিভাগে দেখতে পাওয়া যায়।কোরআনের আয়াতে বলা হয়েছেঃ‘যার উপরে ঘন কালো মেঘ আছে।একের উপর এক ঘন অন্ধকার।
উল্লেখিত মেঘমালা একটার উপর আরেকটা আড়াল হিসেবে কাজ করায় এবং বিভিন্ন স্তরে রং ধারণ করায় অন্ধকারের মাত্রা বা ঘনত্ব আরো বেড়ে যায়।
অধ্যাপক দুর্গা রাও এ বলে সমাপ্তি টানেন যে,১৪০০ বছর আগে একজন সাধারণ মানুষের পক্ষে এ অবস্থার এত বিস্তারিত ব্যাখ্যা করা সম্ভব নয়।সুতরাং এ সকল তথ্য যে ঐশী উৎস থেকে এসেছে,তা পরিস্কার।আল্লাহ বলেনঃ
“তিনি পানি থেকে সৃষ্টি করেছেন মানবকে,অতঃপর তাকে রক্তগত বংশ ও বৈবাহিক সম্পর্কশীল করেছেন।তোমার পালনকর্তা সবকিছু করতে সক্ষম।” সূরা আল ফুরকান-৫৪
আজ থেকে ১৪শ বছর আগে কারো পক্ষে কি একথা চিন্তা করা সম্ভব ছিল যে,সকল প্রাণীকে পানি থেকে সৃষ্টি করা হয়েছে ?বিশেষ করে আরব মরুতে যেখানে সর্বদাই পানি স্বল্পতা রয়েছে,সেখানকার কোন ব্যক্তির পক্ষে কি এ জাতীয় ধারাণ করা সম্ভব ?

পারভেজ বিক্রমপুরী

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Interpreting science through the eyes of faith

  • Say: ‘He is God, Absolute Oneness, (Surat al-Ikhlas, 1)
  • God, the Everlasting Sustainer of all. (Surat al-Ikhlas, 2)
  • He has not given birth and was not born. (Surat al-Ikhlas, 3)
  • And no one is comparable to Him.’ (Surat al-Ikhlas, 4)

The Qur’an is a great miracle applicable to all centuries. It fully describes the essence of many problems that exist today and sets out the truth of those problems in the finest manner. Mankind came under the influence of various erroneous philosophies in the last two centuries, which inflicted great sufferings on people. These verses from Surat al-Ikhlas are excellent guides for mankind.

This wondrous universe we inhabit, our Earth with its many lovely plants, fruits and animals and every detail in living things awake the greatest amazement in people, without exception. We are astonished by these as believers, and that amazement is of course for God, Who creates them all. Unbelievers may also be amazed by nature, the universe, plants and animals; but dialectical materialism and the theory of evolution and its application to nature, blunts that appreciation in those people. They therefore seek to portray all these wondrous phenomena as the work of a simple conflict of opposites and chance.

Of course, a rational analysis and a perspective based on good conscience immediately show that no marvelous phenomenon can come into being by chance. The conscience, the soul and the subconscious mind all know and admit to that fact. Yet many people have become unable to see these truths over the last 150 years because of the aforementioned philosophies. It is therefore very important to consider the difference between scientific data and the non-scientific claims made by deniers with great care and for this difference to be described in detail.

Let us now see, through technical knowledge we have attained over the last two centuries, how we are endowed with the most amazing blessings and how none of these marvels could have come into being by chance.

Also, let us consider just two of the hundreds of subjects that could be cited as evidence in this article:

  1. Unity, not conflict, lies at the basis of life

When we look at the smallest unit of life, the cell, we see that chance has no place in any stage. The things that happen in this minute structure, organized just like a factory, are literally incomparable. Whichever detail of the cell we look at, we see mutual aid and solidarity going on.

Let us take proteins as an example and reflect on what is needed for a protein to be able to form:

In order for a protein to be able to form, there has to be

  • The coding of information in the DNA;
  • Regions showing where this information starts and ends;[i]
  • Transcription factors for this information to bind to and to allow production to begin based on the requirements in the cell and promoter regions for these to bind to in DNA;[ii]
  • Enzymes and proteins to permit the reading of what is in DNA;[iii]
  • The template known as mRNA obtained from that reading; The ribosomes produced from that structure, which are themselves made up of proteins;
  • And starting factors to ensure that ribosome production starts at the right time and under the right conditions are also required, and these starting factors are also proteins.

Let us continue; in order for a protein to form there also need to be

  • Elongation factors enabling the ribosome to enlarge the protein chain;
  • Termination factors that become involved when the ribosome’s work is done;[iv]
  • Amino acids required by the ribosome;
  • tRNAs to transport these amino acids to the ribosome;
  • Enzymes to bind the amino acids to the tRNAs;[v]
  • Structures monitoring the level of these amino acids inside the cells and that produce them if they are insufficient – and these also consist of proteins – or proteins that permit them to be transported inside the cell from outside the cell – and proteins are again required for these to be transported to the cell membrane;[vi]
  • Chaperon proteins that help the manufactured proteins to be folded into 3-D structures;
  • Enzymes that cause additional changes so the proteins can function in the regions to which they go – and more than 1,150 of these have been identified to date; [vii]
  • Many proteins are able to discharge their functions with additional structures also containing metals: Other proteins are needed for the production of these and to transport the metals to the proteins;[viii]
  • Labels determining where each protein is to work are needed, and these show the presence of a vast postal and address system within the cell; [ix]
  • In addition, there need to be proteins working like postmen to carry these labels to the right locations;
  • Proteins that receive these postmen at their destination and cause additional form changes;[x]
  • Enzymes that cut out and remove labels that need to be removed once their work is done; [xi]
  • Proteins that make placement to the right places;
  • Packets that prevent them from being affected by occasional adverse conditions inside the cell during their journey;
  • Proteins that hand these packets on;
  • Systems that check where the amounts of proteins produced are adequate or not;
  • Structures that check whether the proteins manufactured have become corrupted over the course of time;
  • There is also a need for proteins to repair any such damage and determine whether or not it is in repairable limits;[xii]
  • Some proteins monitor proteins immediately after their manufacture from ribosomes. These proteins surround corrupted proteins and gradually fold them back into the correct shape;[xiii]
  • If the damage in a protein cannot be repaired, then systems are required that decide that this protein will be harmful to the cell and begin destroying it. These damaged proteins first need to be labeled, and labeling systems and machinery to break these proteins down are needed, and these are again made up of proteins;[xiv]
  • None of this could happen without small energy packets like miniature batteries (ATP, GTP) used in all these processes.

The protein system will work smoothly in a cell in which all such conditions, of which we have listed only a very few and only in brief, are met, and then the cell will be able to survive. Any defect in these interconnected systems will lead not to improvement or evolution, but on the contrary to sickness, cancer and death.

As we have seen, numerous complex systems work hand in hand inside the cell, with great devotion and for the benefit of the cell, and literally with consciousness and enormous technical skill. From the moment a protein first begins to be manufactured to the moment of its destruction, it needs numerous different structures with a great many technical properties.

It is of course completely wrong to refer to these technical facts as a “clash of opposites.” There is no question of any such thing in any stage of the process summarized here. Yet the achievement of these structures made up of unconscious atoms is utterly amazing.

All these details exist so that we can see that all power belongs to God and that our Lord is mighty enough to do anything. Many people are unaware of these marvels that are absolutely essential for their survival. The difference with believers is that they reflect on these details and bow their heads when they see the artistry of God.

He directs the whole affair from heaven to earth. Then it will again ascend to Him on a Day whose length is a thousand years by the way you measure. (Surat al-Sajdah, 5)

Let us consider the arrangement within DNA as a second example:

  1. The theory of evolution tries to bring chance into the origin of life. Yet the details of life, such as when we examine the structure of DNA, show that there is no room for chance at all and that on the contrary, a magnificent control prevails.
  • All the data about us is encoded in a DNA chain. That chain is created with a spare (sibling chain) against the possibility of damage that may occur.
  • The enzyme DNA polymerase that reproduces the information checks every letter that DNA makes. If an error is made, it puts it right;[xv]
  • Errors occurring in DNA are corrected on the basis of the sibling chain:  The absence of such a sibling chain would lead to all genes eventually becoming corrupted, even if they were perfect to begin with; [xvi]
  • There needs to be robot molecules and enzymes sensitive to errors in DNA. Each one of these marvelous structures identifies and repairs a different type of error. They do not leave the DNA to become corrupted. For example, the enzyme photolyase repairs the impairment known as “thymine dimer” in bacteria 300-400 times a day. Otherwise, in the absence of this enzyme, the bacteria would not evolve but die;
  • Breaks in DNA are repaired by special enzymes; [xvii]
  • No gene production occurs haphazardly. Production always takes place in line with the level of proteins. If they are present in large numbers in the cell, those numbers are reduced, or vice versa;
  • The enzymes involved have to be deactivated when not needed. There has to be such a control system. For example, some enzymes are active when bound to phosphate and lose their activity when the phosphate is taken away. The addition or depletion of phosphate by enzymes takes place according to the requirements in the cell at that time. Enzymes without such a control system also lead to cancer under certain circumstances; [xviii] [xix]
  • A great many gates of different types are needed for entry into and exit from the cell, and all correct from the beginning. These gates have to work, not haphazardly, but in a controlled manner;
  • Systems are also needed that increase the numbers of these gates if they are insufficient or to remove them from the cell membrane if they are too numerous;
  • Systems that store critical substances inside the cell are also needed. This has to take place in a controlled manner. For example, cellular fluid possessing too many iron ions leads to a large number of free radicals and as a result to mutations in DNA and to impairments in fats and proteins. Special structures are needed to store these when there are too many of them; [xx]
  • As described above, mRNA in the form of a template is first manufactured from DNA, and ribosomes and proteins from that. In addition to control at the genetic level and the protein level, control is also required at the mRNA level. But this is not left to chance, either. Let us consider mRNA responsible for manganese ions absorbed into the cell. If there is no longer any need for a large number of manganese ions in the cell and their number is too high, manganese gates at the cell membrane are packaged and sent inside the cell. At the genetic level, the relevant gene is inactivated. However, there are still mRNA templates in the cell permitting the manufacture of gates. These are not left to their own devices either, and a destruction system involving structures such as miRNA and siRNA goes into operation. There is nothing haphazard here, either;
  • Gates on the cell membrane require fine adjustment depending on changing circumstances. For example, some gate proteins are phosphatized and their electrical properties increased, as in the learning process;
  • As described above, proteins in cells sometimes deteriorate despite being in a sheltered environment. Impairment leads to various disorders in cells. Such proteins are marked into order to prevent this and are broken down at the right location. Interestingly enough, the protein known as ubiquitin that labels such proteins is not touched. Only defective proteins are broken down by the machinery in the cell. The presence of such differentiation shows that there is a special system and surveillance in the cell. It is impossible for anyone of good conscience to say that this came about by chance: It is also dishonest to maintain that a system, the like of which we could never design, came about spontaneously by chance and through the unconscious laws of nature; [xxi]
  • As also mentioned above, all amino acids, proteins, metals and energy-giving molecules have to be present within very delicate balances inside the cell. There also have to be systems to monitor as to whether their levels have gone up or down. There needs to be sensitive sensor molecules to monitor these delicate balances and systems to take the appropriate precautions. Any cell without such a control system cannot live, and will die. [xxii] [xxiii]

God keeps a firm hold on the heavens and earth, preventing them from vanishing away. And if they vanished no one could then keep hold of them. Certainly He is Most-Forbearing, Ever-Forgiving. (Surat al-Fatir, 41)

Every detail we look at in the cell reveals a glorious artistry, intelligence, knowledge, skill, attention, control, collaboration and obvious planning. Yet all these structures consist of atoms that are themselves wholly unconscious and unaware of their own existence. The sublime characteristics in these atoms introduce us to our Creator, Who created them. We realize His great love and compassion for us, and how the universe came into being with a special creation.

Every point in the cell shows us the manifest presence of God. These glorious structures, in which there is no room for chance, are actually themselves helpless. However, as God reveals in Surat al-Ikhlas, God is the As-Samad, the Everlasting Refugee and Sustainer, the One in Whom all created things are in need. Everything is condemned to oblivion without His help. This is something calling for great reflection.

Our universe, in which very different phenomena are bound together through very delicate balances, exists through God, Who sees and knows all and Who keeps all things under His control right down to the tiniest detail. As we are told in Surat al-Ikhlas, our Creator is the One.

Science, which reveals all this truth, is made obligatory for us by God in the Qur’an because “science” is one of the ways of examining the universe and everything in it and explaining it to mankind through discovering the creative artistry of God. Religion therefore adopts science as one way of accessing the details inherent in God’s creation, and therefore encourages science.

In the same way that religion encourages scientific research, scientific research conducted on the basis of the truths inherent in Islam will lead to much faster and more definitive results, as religion provides the most definitive answer to the question of how the universe and life came into being. Therefore, research conducted on a sound basis from the beginning will very quickly reveal the secrets of how life and the universe came into being, with the expenditure of far less energy and effort.

As Albert Einstein, regarded as one of the greatest scientists of the 20th Century, said, “science without religion is lame.” In other words, science that is not guided by faith cannot exhibit any progress and will take much longer to obtain definitive results. Indeed, most of the time, it will be quite impossible to obtain any results at all.

Those who remember God, standing, sitting and lying on their sides, and reflect on the creation of the heavens and the earth: ‘Our Lord, You have not created this for nothing. Glory be to You! So safeguard us from the punishment of the Fire. (Surat al-Imr’an, 191)

There is thus a truth that must absolutely be known: the sole aim of science is to investigate the infinite might of God and the proofs of creation in the universe, and accurate results can only be obtained if it operates in the light of that aim. If the right course is taken, and if it is directed properly, science can attain its true end in a very short span of time.

Learning details such as this is instrumental in bringing forth  a zealous and awe-filled love and fear of God in people’s hearts. It is therefore of the greatest importance to tell people of, and encourage discussion of, the signs leading to faith.

References and Detailed Notes:

[i]             D. Voet and J. G. Voet, “Biochemistry,” 4th Edition, 2011, p. 367

Proteins consist of amino acids. Each amino acid is encoded in DNA with 3-letter codons. Sixty-four different words can be written with 3 letters. Three of these letters, UAA, UAG and UGA, are in mRNA. These mean that the end of the protein has been reached. The codon AUG encodes the amino acid methionine. This is the first amino acid of proteins. The other amino acids are coded with the remaining 60 letters. This is a very intelligent system, because the coding system thus has a reserve and is also used as a marking sequence for other than amino acids. Every coding system requires intelligence. No language comes into being by chance. Consciousness is essential. The wondrous data system in each of our cells is not of course the work of chance, either.

[ii]         Rédei, George P., ed. Encyclopedia of Genetics, Genomics, Proteomics, and Informatics. Vol. 1. Springer, 2008, p. 1564

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Various types of proteins that assist with the reading process need to be present. For example, the enzyme topoisomerase breaks the DNA chain from one or two chains in order to reduce the tension that develops as DNA is opened up and rejoins it at another region of DNA. The tension that forms is thus reduced. It enables another interesting structure, the enzyme polymerase, to remain bound to DNA. Some proteins are used to keep the opened up chains separate. The enzyme that performs replication due to to these two groups of proteins thus has room to work.

[iv]         D. Voet and J. G. Voet, “Biochemistry,” 4th Edition, 2011, p. 1375

For example, bacteria need 3 initial factors, 3 elongation factors and 4 termination factors.

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Tens of enzymes using substances which are the product of other enzymes are responsible for the production of 20 amino acids. The functions of these enzymes are kept under delicate balance with feedback mechanisms depending on the level of energy and amount of amino acids in the cell.

[vii]        Walsh, Christopher T., Sylvie Garneau Tsodikova, and Gregory J. Gatto. “Protein posttranslational modifications: the chemistry of proteome diversifications.” Angewandte Chemie International Edition 44.45 (2005): 7342-7372

Identification of the number of the 1150 enzymes producing changes in amino acids in the post-ribosomal stage came in a paper published in 2005.

[viii]       Rosenzweig, Amy C. “Metallochaperones: bind and deliver.” Chemistry & biology 9.6 (2002): 673-677

This analysis from 2002 revealed that approximately one in three proteins contain metals. For example, they have key functions in vital processes such respiration, photosynthesis, nerve transmission and defense against toxic substances. There are special compartments to allow metals to bind to proteins. Enzymes are also needed to transmit the metals to these compartments.

[x]          Alberts, B., et al. “The cell cycle.” Molecular Biology of the Cell. 5th Edition. Garland Science, New York, NY (2008): pp 713-717

In order for proteins going to such complex structures as mitochondria to be able to settle in the right place, they are coded with interconnected postal systems. The first code involves the sending to the mitochondria, and the other indicates where it will operate in the organelle. In addition, in order for proteins to be able to pass through the narrow cell gates, they are first prevented from being folded by other proteins. For example, in order for a protein that will pass through the mitochondrial gate to do so, it has to meet these conditions. A protein complex that attracts the protein serving as a motor at the gate is also needed in order to pass through it. After that, in order for the protein that passes through to function it needs another chaperon protein that folds it up appropriately.

[xi]         Alberts, B. et al. “The cell cycle.” Molecular Biology of the Cell. 5th Edition. Garland Science, New York, NY (2008), p. 701-704

[xii]         Alberts, B. et al. “The cell cycle.” Molecular Biology of the Cell. 5th Edition. Garland Science, New York, NY (2008), p. 388

For instance, the production of heat shock proteins (HSP) increase immensely when temperature in the cell increases (for example from 37°C to 42°C) and they help folding the proteins again.

[xiii]        Alberts, B., et al. “The cell cycle.” Molecular Biology of the Cell. 5th Edition. Garland Science, New York, NY (2008): p. 390

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Proteins that should be dissolved are labeled with a protein named ubiquitin with the help of three enzymes, E1, E2 and E3. A protein having a multitude of ubiquitin molecules would indicate it is a structure that needs to be destroyed in the cell. Such a labeled entity is turned into pieces in a grinding plant named proteasome which is again made of proteins itself.

[xv]         Alberts, B., et al. “The cell cycle.” Molecular Biology of the Cell. 5th Edition. Garland Science, New York, NY (2008): pages 268-271

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For example, every day about 10,000 sugar nucleotide bonds are detached with no reason. This means 10,000 letters are dismantled from DNA every day. Also, especially some nitrogen on DNA is oxidized. Again, with no enzymes, these letters are bonded with methyl groups. In addition, even if nothing occurs, 120 of the thymine turns into another molecule named uracil, which is not a part of the DNA coding.

[xvii]        D. Voet and J. G. Voet, “Biochemistry,” 4th Edition, 2011, page 1223

Oxygen respiration in the cell may result in production of chemically active products. Such reactive material cause breaks on DNA. It has been found that while cells are dividing at 5-10% of the time there is a break on one of the chromosomes. There are special sensor proteins that become aware of such severing. This sensor protein informs other proteins for repairing the broken structure.

[xviii]       Alberts, B., et al. “The cell cycle.” Molecular Biology of the Cell. 5th Edition. Garland Science, New York, NY (2008): page 175-176

[xix]        Alberts, B., et al. “The cell cycle.” Molecular Biology of the Cell. 5th Edition. Garland Science, New York, NY (2008): page 175-176

God has created tumor suppressor genes in our cells. These genes prevent uncontrolled multiplication of our cells that would cause cancer. During this process a great number of proteins subsequently trigger the other. On one of these, any mutation on the signal path TGFβ would make these proteins stop their activity and cause cancer in pancreas or other organs.

Or, let us consider the Rb proteins that are responsible for cell-cycle control. This protein prevents the cell to enter cell division stage. In cancerous cells, these proteins do not exist, or deficiencies in proteins that control that one lead to cancer. Another reason why Rb protein does not function is the addition of phosphate to its composition. However, this should be done under control and at the right time. Because, any cell where Rb does not function would lead to cancer. The phosphorylation of the Rb protein is carried out with Cyclin D – Cdk4 complex. But existence of a control system for this complex is a requirement right from the start. Because this complex will make Rb lose its activity through phosphorylation and result in cancer. The quantity of these materials is also important. Therefore, their amount should be kept under control. For instance in breast cancer since Cyclin D – Cdk4 proteins are produced in excess, that results in more division of the cell. Also, Cyclin D – Cdk4 proteins should not function at wrong times when cell is under stress. In such circumstances, p16 protein that is produced prevents Cyclin D – Cdk4 protein complex from attaching to Rb protein. That impedes phosphorylation of Rb protein. That keeps Rb protein in active status. This way it intervenes in division of the cell, which is its assignment. This way cell does not divide. It is obvious that these are critical decisions to make and steps described here are difficult to comprehend. Is it not clear that such arrangements that require close attention would never be an act of coincidence? As a matter of fact, when p16 gene is out of control that also results in cancer.

Mutations that take place in genes of a system that acts in a chain reaction one triggering the other would lead to cancer in a cell, not evolution.

[xx]        Andrews, Simon C., Andrea K. Robinson, and Francisco Rodríguez-Quiñones. “Bacterial iron homeostasis.” FEMS microbiology reviews 27.2-3 (2003): 215-237.

Based on Fenton reactions, iron ions result in the formation of free radicals. Free radicals harm the cell, therefore the excess amount of iron ions are stored in the cell. For example, 2000-3000 iron ions are stored in the storage protein named ferritin. Despite existence of all these storage proteins, free radicals form in the cell due to the mentioned reactions. These are neutralized by means of other protective enzymes (like SOD). The presence of such protective enzymes is a requirement for a healthy cell.

[xxi]        D. Voet and J. G. Voet, “Biochemistry,” 4th Edition, 2011, page1409-1423

[xxii]       Andrews, Simon C., Andrea K. Robinson, and Francisco Rodríguez-Quiñones. “Bacterial iron homeostasis.” FEMS microbiology reviews 27.2-3 (2003): 215-237

For instance in this article there are examples about the Fur protein that has an effect on 35 other proteins when bonded with iron. When Fe2+ ion (the iron atom lost two of its electrons) is attached to the Fur protein that would indicate there are excess of iron ions in the cell. At that instant Fur protein turns on the Bfr gene (bacterioferritin is responsible for storing iron) that is used for storing iron. This way, proteins are manufactured for storing the excessive iron in the environment. The same Fur protein also blocks the gate proteins that allow iron access into the cell. Obviously there is a perfect artistry here. We could never come close to this artistry, or imitate it.

[xxiii]       Rowbury, Robin J. “Extracellular Sensors and Extracellular Induction Components in Stress Tolerance Induction.” Bacterial Physiology. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2008. 263-292

It may use very interesting capabilities for sensing the physical conditions of the environment. For example in certain bacteria sensor molecules that are active in eight different levels of acidity are found for measuring its ratio.


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NASA confirmed Islam is The correct religion AMAZING VIDEO

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The Miracles of Qur’an – Barrier of two kinds of Water


The Miracles of Qur’an – Barrier of two kinds of Water – SubhanaaAllah
(Revealed 1400 years ago – before the discovery of science-oceanology)
He released the two seas, meeting [side by side];
Between them is a barrier [so] neither of them transgresses. So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?

مرج البحرين يلتقيان
بينهما برزخ لا يبغيان
فبأي آلاء ربكما تكذبان

The Holy Quran 55:19-21
And it is He who has released [simultaneously] the two seas, one fresh and sweet and one salty and bitter, and He placed between them a barrier and prohibiting partition.

وهو الذي مرج البحرين هذا عذب فرات وهذا ملح أجاج وجعل بينهما برزخا وحجرا محجورا

The Holy Quran 25:53
The Description of the Barrier Between Two Seas
Oceanographers, in the wake of the scientific progress in this age, have discovered the barrier between two seas. They have found that a barrier separates two neighboring seas. The barrier moves between them, and it is called by scientists “a front” compared to the front between two armies. By virtue of this barrier each sea retains its own characteristics which Allah (SWT) has assigned to it and which are suitable for the organisms living in that environment.

Because of this barrier, the two neighboring seas mingle so slowly that the amount of water that passes from one sea to the other acquires the characteristics of the other sea while crossing the barrier which overturns the waters crossing from one sea to the other, keeping each sea with its own characteristics.

The gradual progress of human knowledge about the fact of the differences between seawater masses and the existence of barriers between them :

Oceanographers discovered that there were certain differences between water samples taken from various seas in 1284 AH/1873 AD, by the British Marine Scientific Expedition of the Challenger Voyage. It was discovered that masses of sea water vary in their composition, in respect of salinity, water temperature, density and types of marine organisms. The data were obtained from 362 oceanographic stations. The report of the expedition filled 29,500 pages in 50 volumes and took 23 years to complete. One of the great achievements of scientific exploration, the expedition also showed how little man knew about the sea.

After 1933 AD another American expedition set out in the Mexican Gulf and installed hundreds of sea stations to study the characteristics of seas. It found out that a large number of stations in a certain area gave similar information about the characteristics of the water in that area, whether in respect of salinity, density, temperature, marine organisms or solubility of oxygen in water, while another group of stations in another area gave a different set of data about that area. So, oceanographers concluded that there were two distinctive seas with different characteristics, and not just limited samples as the Expedition of Challenger showed.

Man installed hundreds of marine stations to study the characteristics of various seas. Scientists have found out that the differences in these characteristics distinguished one sea from another. But why do these seas not mix and become homogeneous in spite of the effect of tide and ebb that moves sea water twice a day, and causes seas to move forward and backward turbulently, besides other factors that cause sea water to be in continuous movement and turbulence, such as surface and internal waves and sea currents?

The answer appeared for the first time in scientific books in 1361 AH/1942 AD. Extensive studies of marine characteristics revealed that there are water barriers separating neighboring seas and maintaining the distinctive properties of each sea with respect to density, salinity, marine life, temperature and solubility of oxygen in water.

There are large waves, strong currents, and tides in the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Mediterranean Sea water enters the Atlantic by Gibraltar. But their temperature, salinity, and densities do not change, because of the barrier that separates them.

After 1962 AD there was known the role of sea barriers in modifying the properties of the water masses that pass from one sea to another, to prevent one sea from overwhelming the other. So salty seas retain their own properties and boundaries by virtue of these barriers.

A field study comparing the waters of Oman Gulf and those of the Arabian Gulf has shown the difference between them regarding their chemical properties, the prevalent vegetation and the barrier separating them.

About a hundred years of research and study has been required to discover the fact of the existence of barriers between sea water masses and their role in making each sea retain its own properties. Hundred of researchers took part and numerous precise scientific instruments and equipment were used to achieve that.

Fourteen centuries ago the Holy Qur’an revealed this fact.

Allah (SWT) says: (He has let free (MARAJA) the two sees meeting together. Between them is a barrier that they do not transgress. Then which of the Blessings of your Lord will you both (Jinn and men) deny? Out of them both come out pearls and carol.” (LV: 19-22) Allah (SWT) also says: “And He made a barrier between the two seas.) (XXVII: 61)

Linguistic meanings and the commentators’ sayings:

Maraja (let free):

Ibn Faris said: “’maraja’: The consonants m, r and j form a root indicating a movement of going and coming and turbulence.”

Al-Bahrayn (the two seas):

Al-Asfahani said: “Some say that the word “bahr” (sea) is usually used to mean salt water rather than fresh water.”

Ibn Manzursaid: “’Bahr’ is more frequently used to describe salt water than fresh water.”

If the word “bahr” is used without qualification it means salt water; otherwise, it means the thing qualified.” The Holy Qur’an uses “nahr” (river) to indicate abundant running fresh water, while it uses “bahr” (sea) to indicate salt water. Allah (SWT) says: (And He has made the ships to be of service to you that they may sail through the sea by His Command; and He has made rivers (also) to be of service to you.)(XIV: 32)

In the hadith, “bahr” (sea) is also used to mean salt water. Allah’s Messenger (Peace be upon him) was asked by a man who said: “O Allah’s Messenger! We travel by sea and carry with us a little fresh water. If we should use it for wudu (ablution) we would get thirsty. May we use seawater for wudu? Allah’ Messenger (Peace be upon him) said: “Its water is pure and its dead (animals) are lawful (to eat).”

Al-Barzakh: It is the barrier. Most commentatorssuggest that it is invisible.

Al-baghi: Ibn Manzur said: “’Al-Baghi’ means transgression, exceeding the limits.”

Al-Jawhari and Al-Asfahani said the same.

Al-Marjan: Ibn Al-Jawzi said: “Al-Qadi Abu Ya’li says that Al-Marjan is a kind of bar-like pearls. Al-Zajjajsaid: “Al-Marjan is white, very white.” Ibn Mas’ud said: “Al-Marjan is red beads.” Abu Hayyan said that to some people Al-Marjan is red stone. Al-Qurtubi said: “It is said that Al-Marjan is the big pearls. The same is also said by ‘Ali and Ibn ‘Abbas (May Allah bestow His Mercy on them both). The small pieces of Marjan are the small pearls. It is also reported on their authority the opposite: the big pieces are called pearls and the smaller are called Marjan. Al-Dahhak and Qatadah said the same.”

Al-Alusi said: “If we take into consideration the connotation of brilliance and glitter which the Arabic word “pearls” carries, and the connotation of movement and mixing that the word “Marjan” carries, we can say that “pearls” is used for big pieces and “Marjan” for small ones.”

Anyhow, Marjan is a kind of ornament that is found in various colors: white and red. It may be in big or small pieces. It is bar-like stone. In the Verse it is something other than pearls, for the conjunction “and” implies talking bout two different things. Marjan (carol), however, is found in salt seas only.

The Verse shows us the minute secrets which oceanography has revealed only recently. They describe the meeting between salt seas. Following is the evidence to that:

First: The Verse uses the word “bahrayn” (two seas) without any qualification. This means that salt seas are intended here.

Second: The Verses in Surat Al-Rahman show that the two seas yield pearls and “Marjan”(carol). It has become evident that Marjan is found in salt seas only. This indicates that the Verse is referring to two salt seas. Allah (SWT) says: “Out of them both come out pearls and carol,” i.e. out of each of them.

Who knew in the past that salt seas differ in many respects in spite of their apparent similarity to the observer? (They all taste salt, look blue, have waves, contain fish, etc.) How can they differ although they meet each other? We know that when two amounts of water are mixed in a container they get homogenous. How can seas remain differentiated even in the presence of the factors of mixing, such as the ebb and flow of the sea, currents and storms?

The Verse mentions the meeting of two salt seas that differ from one another. If the two seas were similar to one another, they would be one sea. However, differentiating between them in the Qur’anic utterance implies the difference between them although they are both salt.

(He has let free (Maraja) the two seas meeting together) means that the two seas are mixed; they are in the state of backward and forward movements, of mixing and turbulence at the site of the meeting, as is understood from the literal meaning of “Maraja”. This is the fact that science has discovered, that is to say, the barrier is described as being zigzag or wavy and shifting in position during the various seasons because of the tide and winds.

This Verse by itself implies the presence of so much mixing and merging between these seas as would deprive them of their distinctive properties. But Allah (SWT), the All-Knower, shows in the following Verse that “between them is a barrier which they do not transgress”, i.e. In spite of this state of merging and turbulence that characterizes the seas there is a barrier between them preventing them from transgressing or exceeding their limits.

This is what man has discovered as a result of the advances achieved in his sciences and instruments. It has been found that a third water mass separates the two seas and it has such properties as are different from those of each of the two seas separated by it.

Yet, in spite of the presence of the barrier, the waters of the two adjacent seas mix very slowly without one sea encroaching upon the other through carrying over its own properties to it, for the barrier zone is a region for changing the water crossing from one sea to the other so that it gradually acquires the properties of the sea that is going to enter and loses the properties of the sea it has come form. Thus neither of the two seas transgresses by carrying its own properties to the other, although they mix during the process of meeting. How truthful is Allah’s Saying: (He has let free (maraja) the two seas meeting together. Between them is a barrier which they do not transgress.)

Most commentators suggest that the barrier that separates the two seas referred to here is an invisible barrier created by Allah. Some commentators find it difficult to reconcile the idea of the seas being merging and the presence of a barrier at the same time, for the presence of a barrier entails the prevention of merging. So the mention of merging (maraja) entails the absence of a barrier. This apparent contradiction has been resolved by discovering the secrets of the seas.

The Miraculous Aspects of the Previous Verses:

We can conclude the following from the discussion above:

The Holy Qur’an, which was revealed more than 14 centuries ago, includes very precise pieces of information and knowledge about marine phenomena that have been discovered only recently by means of very sophisticated equipment. An instance in this respect is the existence of water barriers between seas. Allah (SWT) says: (He has let free (maraja) the two seas meeting together. Between them is a barrier which they do not transgress.)

The historical development of Oceanography shows that no precise information had been available on seas before Challenger Expedition (in 1873 AD), let alone at the time when the Holy Qur’an was being revealed 14 centuries ago to an illiterate Prophet that lived in a desert environment and never traveled by sea.

Oceanography has witnessed no advances except in the last two centuries, particularly in the latter half of the twentieth century. Prior to that a sea was considered as something fearful and mysterious. Myths and superstitions were fabricated about it. Sea voyagers were only interested in their own safety and how to find the correct routes during their long journeys. Man discovered that salt seas are different only in the thirties of the twentieth century, after thousands of marine stations had been established by researchers to analyze samples of sea water to measure the differences between the degrees of temperature, salinity, density and oxygen dissolubility in the sea water recorded at all those stations, and then realize that salt seas are different.

Man did not know anything about the barrier that separates between salt seas till the establishment of the aforesaid stations, and after spending a long time tracing these wavy moving barriers that change their geographical locations with the change of seasons.

Man did not know that the water masses of the two seas are separated by a water barrier and are mixed at the same time till he started studying with his ships and equipment the water movement in the meeting region of the seas and analyzing the water masses in those regions.

Man did not apply this rule to all seas that meet together except after vast scientific surveying, investigation and verification of this phenomenon, which occurs between each pair of adjacent seas in the world.

Now then, did Allah’s Messenger (Peace be upon him) own stations and equipment for analyzing water and the ability to trace the movement of various water masses? Did he carry out a comprehensive surveying process, although he never sailed the sea and lived at a time when superstitions were prevalent, particularly in the field of seas? Were, at the time of Allah’s Messenger (Peace be upon him) such researches, instruments and studies as are available for the oceanographers of today who have discovered all these secrets by means of research and study?

This knowledge, which the Qur’an came with, included a precise description of the subtlest secrets at a time when humanity could never have known them, which indicates that its source is Divine, as Allah (SWT) says: (Say: “the (Qur’an) was sent down by Him Who knows the secret (that is) in the heavens and the earth: Verily He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.) (XXV: 6)

It also indicates that the one to whom the Book was sent down was a Messenger inspired. Allah (SWT) but says the Truth in the Verse: (Soon will We show Our Signs in the Universe and in their own selves, until it becomes manifest to them that this the Truth. Is it not sufficient that your Lord does witness all things?)


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