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Scientific Interpretation of Prayer – A Fundamental Pillar

The Proper Way to Perform Prayer:-After performing ablution one should sit down in a comfortable position facing the Holy Kaba. After this,one should recite the Durood Shareef
three times, followed by reciting Astaghfar
three times. After this, one should close the eyes, whether it is for a minute, three minutes or five minutes,
any length of time is fine depending on how much time one has. With the eyes closed one should imagine
that Allah is watching me. After this, one should stand up and make intention to pray.
Care should be taken to ensure that the feet are parallel to each other at a distance of approximately six
inches apart when standing in Prayer. In all the actions of Prayer the backbone should be kept straight
while the head should be kept a little bent down. The eye should be kept focussed on the position of
prostration. The feet should be kept still and not moving. When reciting
Sūrah Fātiha and other verses from the Qur’ān that follow, the words should be pronounced clearly and
separately. Listen to the words being recited and notice that each word is being separately recited. A
better and more appropriate method is to memorise the meanings of these Sūrahs. Pay attention to the
meanings when reciting the Sūrahs that have been memorised in Arabic. One who is attentive towards the
meanings of the Qur’ān becomes unaware of his surroundings when performing Prayer and achieves
concentration in Prayer. This is the concentration that has been called ‘Qiyām Salāt’ or a connection withAllah.

Scientific Interpretation of Prayer – A Fundamental Pillar:-The scientific interpretation of the effects on the human brain when making intention to pray and whenperforming Prayer are as follows:-
Making Intention (Niyat)
There are trillions of cells operating in the brain through which an electric current flows. Through this
electric current thoughts keep passing to the conscious and subconscious, through the subconscious on a
much larger scale. Just as there are trillions of cells in the brain, similarly there are trillions of
compartments or sections in the brain. There is a section in which the electric current keeps taking
photographs and distributes them. This photo is either very dark or very bright. There is another section
which stores important matters. In these important matters are included those matters which the conscious
disregards and which we can call spiritual abilities. When one makes the intention to pray whilst holding
up both hands to the ears so that the thumbs are touching the ear lobes, a particular electric current using
an extremely fine vein as its medium passes into the brain. After entering the brain it charges up the cells
in the section of the brain that contains spiritual abilities. When these cells are charged they produce an
outburst of light in the brain. This outburst of light affects all the nerves and causes them to be attentive
towards that section of the brain containing spiritual abilities. Along with this there is a fast electric
current transferred to the hand through the brain. After saying and removing the hands from the
ears the hands should be tied at the navel. Electric current using the extremely fine vein again as its
medium gets stored in the navel, which is a minor generator. By tying the hands below the navel the
sexual organs, which are very powerful members of the electric system, are provided with strength so that
mankind may stay distinguished and exalted from amongst other species. Next,
is recited. As soon as these words are pronounced, the soul with all its energy gets absorbed in divine
attributes, and the light of Allah’s attributes penetrates the whole physical body. Every atom of the body
becomes occupied in declaring Allah’s divinity. It is the statement of Allah:-
‘If we had caused this Quran to descend upon a mountain, thou (Oh Muhammad) verily
hadst seen it humbled, rent asunder by the fear of Allah’ (Sūrah Hashr, 21)
Ayat Muqadsa states that as soon as one starts performing Prayer those abilities which can store divine
lights are produced, those abilities which even the mountains cannot bear.
After reciting when one recites the Qur’ān, he negates himself on the conscious level and
the divine lights of the Qur’ān are manifested in front of him. He declares that there is no doubt that Allah
has made him capable and worthy of seeking the favours of the Divine Lights contained in the Qur’ān.
Binding Hands at the Chest
After making intention, women bind their hands at the chest. This action provides the heart with health
and warmth, and the glands which are responsible for the growth and nourishment of a child attain growth
and development. The milk of women who establish Prayer affects the child too. Divine Lights are
directly transferred to the child and become stored within him causing the child to develop a divine
conscious. Children as such, develop the characteristics of obedience and satisfaction resulting in a habit
to stay happy. The abilities to contemplate deeply and to possess intellect and a pure mind become
enlightened within them.
Bowing Down (Rukuh)
As already stated, all the nerves are linked with the brain cells and electric current. All the nerves are
affected by them. How many kinds of electric currents there are, what quantities they consist in, man
cannot through any means count them; they exist in countless numbers. This electric current after coming
out of the brain cells creates the senses of sight, taste, smell, hearing, speech and touch. Electric current
travels from the root of the brain, passes through the spinal cord and enters the last joint of the back where
it divides itself between all the nerves. This division of the electric current into nerves is what forms the
When one bows down in Prayer, the formula that forms the senses is inverted. In other words, the senses
now become directly under control of the internal side of the brain. After achieving focus the brain starts
reflecting its waves upon a single point. When one stands up after bowing, the lights within the brain are
once again divided amongst all the nerves, which causes one to entirely become Noor (divine light).
‘Allah is the Light of the Heavens and the Earth. The similitude of His Light is as a niche
wherein is a lamp. The lamp is in a glass. The glass is as it were a shining star. (The lamp is)
Kindled from a blessed tree, an olive neither of the East or the West, whose oil would almost
glow forth (of itself) though no fire touched it. Light upon Light, Allah guideth unto His
Light whom He will. And Allah speaketh to mankind in allegories, for Allah is knower of all
things’ (Surah Nūr, 35)
When bowing, one should keep the head and backbone parallel to each other. The eyes should stay
focused on the nails of the big toes. The hands should be placed on the knees in a way that there is a
stretch felt in the legs. One should recite
either three, five or seven times during this time and then stand up very straight – straight as a soldier.
When one bows down and holds the knees with the hands, the electricity functioning within the palms
and the fingers is absorbed by the knees. This keeps the healthy fluid in the knees lubricated. This keeps
one protected from pain in the knees and the joints.
Prostration (Sajdah) and Telepathy
Light travels at the speed of three hundred million metres per second (or 186282 miles per second) and
travels around the Earth eight times in a second. When one in Prayer prostrates by placing the head onto
the ground, the lights operating in one’s brain form a link with the lights in the earth. This increases the
speed of the mind to three hundred million metres per second. As well as this, the electricity which
produces negative thoughts or ideas in one’s mind is directly absorbed by the Earth. This causes one to
subconsciously become liberated from gravity and form a connection with the Creator of the universe.
Spiritual energies become so heightened that the veil in front of the eyes is lifted and the unseen world is
revealed to one.
When one in Prayer, taking in the lights from the atmosphere and air, joins the head, nose, knees, hands
and the toes of the feet with the earth facing towards the Holy Kaba, or in other words, prostrates, the
blood from the topmost part of the body (during prostration) enters the brain and supplies it with
nourishment. After these chemical changes take place, the telepathic abilities within one are aroused.
One should close the eyes when prostrating and imagine that one is prostrating in front of Allah. While
establishing this thought
should be recited either three, five or seven times. When a person places his forehead on the ground for
Allah’s sake, the whole universe prostrates to him and the sun and the moon become subservient to him.
Sitting in Prayer (Jalsah)
When sitting in Prayer (Jalsah) the eyes should be kept focussed upon the place of prostration. One
should remain sitting patiently (at least for that length of time in which
can be recited at least three times).
After prostrating twice, one should recite Tashahud taking care to recite the words separately and to
concentrate on their meanings.
Salutation (Salām)
The words
(Peace be upon you, and Allah’s blessings) prove that alongside the one in Prayer, there are other invisible
species present as well, who are also occupied in Prayer, to whom one is greeting peace.
When greeting peace (Saying Salām) one should imagine that angels and jinns were performing Prayer
alongside one.
Method of Supplication (Du’ā)
Allah, the Creator of the universe states:
‘Ask from me, I will accept your request. No doubt, the ones who turn away from My
worship will be disgraced and will enter Hell’
A few statements of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) regarding supplication:
‘Those of you who find the time to supplicate by the divine help of Allah will be opening the
doors of blessings upon yourselves’
‘Except from supplication, nothing can bring a change in predestined fate. And nothing
except good deeds can increase the life-span of one’
‘Supplication is the essence of worship, the weapon of the believer, the tower of strength of
religion, the Light of the Earth and the Heavens.’
After Prayer when supplicating, one should contemplate that one is below the Throne of Allah in front of
his Creator with open hands, and that Allah is so generous that even if one had to plea for a thousand
things a day from Allah, He has the Divine Power to fulfil them. Until the heart is not satisfied, one
should remain supplicating. Repetitive supplication brings softness to the heart, a softness that flows out
through the eyes. The tears of His servant are very dear to Allah.


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