The Quran mentioned the importance of mathematics 1400 years ago

04 Jun


(They see the miracles of islam, but remain adamant of their stubbornness)


92- And to recite the Quran “Whoever comes to guidance does for himself; and if any stray, say “I am only a warner.”

93- Say “All praise be to God. He will show you His signs, and you will recognize them. Your Lord is never unaware of anything you do.”

                                                                                                              27. The Ant, 92-93


The verse number 93 above predicts that God will reveal His miracles sometime in the future. The miraculous statements of the Quran are presented separately from the Prophet’s sayings. Even if all the knowledge of the Prophet’s era were put together, it would not suffice to vie with these miracles. Had the author of these miracles been Muhammad of the deserts himself, he would have used them in order to impress his own people, to demonstrate them the perfection of the Quran and to put an end to their recalcitrance. The Muslim world itself was unaware of these miracles until quite recently, namely up until 40 years ago. God reveals His miracles when the time is ripe. Persons of sound mind and clear conscience will appreciate these miracles, praise God and thank Him.


20- They say “How is it that no sign was sent to him by His Lord. Whatever can not be perceived belongs to God. So wait and I am waiting with you.”

                                                                                                10. Jonah, 20


The fact that God will show His miracles in the future is also confirmed in the above verse. Disbelievers insist on miracles, and yet when they see one performed they pursue in their disbelief. It is clear that the insistence of disbelievers is far from an honest demand, and it is antagonism for antagonism’s sake.


146- I will divert from My signs those who behave unjustly with arrogance on earth. Even though they see every kind of signs, they will not believe and when they see the path of guidance, will not take it to be a way. But when they see the path of straying, they will adopt it as their path. This is so for they have called our signs lies, and have been heedless of them.

                                                                                                                 7. The Purgatory, 146

Persons unwilling to learn patent truths and braggarts about God’s religion, say arrogantly “We are self-sufficient and we have no need for a God”. This behavior renders them blind to the miracles of the Quran. Even if they do see the miracles, they remain adamant because of their stubbornness. There are people who equate religion with tradition, while others take it as a social phenomenon, a consequence of social pressure, they shun hard facts. All of these people mentioned above can not comprehend the miracles of the Quran. The natural scientific and mathematical miracles of the Quran address the reason of men. People arrogant of the potential of human intelligence who think that religion is a way of belief utterly devoid of discursive reason or those who consider religion as a source of profitable trade can not comprehend these miracles. Individuals who see religion as a tool for trade prefer to approach it through false authorities. They deny access to reason as far as religion is concerned for fear of obliterating ex cathedra pronouncements of authorities immersed in beliefs, of forgers and fakers and self-seeking theologists. Any controversy on the issue would undermine the authority of the powers that be.


 Mathematics is a basic tool and a common language of all sciences. Mathematical certainty has always impressed philosophers throughout history. The importance of it was appreciated better after the 16th century. Big improvements were achieved in sciences, because of the scientific approach adopted that placed mathematics right in the center. Cars, trains, satellites, medications, communication means and the technological wonders of the modern age owe their origins to mathematics. Without mathematics we could not understand the universe, nor could we come up with an invention.

“Mathematics may and must be the common link among intellectual disciplines.”


Mathematics should be considered as the biggest discovery of mankind From Edison’s electric bulb to race cars, from Einstein’s theory of relativity to Newton’s Law of Gravitation, all these inventions owe their origin to the fundamental importance of mathematics’ language. The Quran mentioned the importance of mathematics 1400 years ago. It continuously draws our attention to the sensitive balance and the role of mathematics in the universe.


The sun and the moon are calculated.

                                                    55. Gracious, 5

(55.  5: In the great astronomical universe there are exact mathematical laws, which bear witness to Allah’s Wisdom and also to His favours to His creatures; for we all profit by the heat and light, the seasons, and the numerous changes in the tides and the atmosphere, on which the constitution of our globe and the maintenance of life depend.

Yusuf Ali’s Commentary from QuranTrans)


In the process that started with Copernicus, Kepler and Galileo, which involved the movements of the sun, the world and the moon, mathematics, played a role of towering importance. They had discovered that God had expressed the universe in the language of mathematics. The Quran indicated this very important point 1400 years ago. The Quran sees no contradiction between the creation of the universe based on teleological causality and the definition of universal phenomena in terms of mathematical formulations.


If the universe is the product of God and expressed in the language of mathematics, no wonder that God’s book, the Quran, has also used the same language. God displays His miracles with the incontestable certainty of mathematics. Moses(Aa:) had worked miracles in an age when magic was in fashion and converted the magicians and the Quran displayed its mathematical miracles in an age when science and its language mathematics were at their peaks. Now that considerable advance has been made in mathematical logic, the importance of such miracles will be understood more clearly. People trying to antagonize religion by having recourse to science will be disarmed. God’s plan is perfect. God’s timing is perfect. God’s miracles in His Book are perfect.




In our age, every science is in pursuit of mathematical certainty and approval. Even if it fails to find that certainty, it envies those have it. People searching for certainty in religion also look for a mathematical language. Carl Sagan is an author on astronomy and his imaginative explanations in his book “Contact” is a good example of people’s expectations of mathematical proofs from God.


“No, do not you see: This would be different. This is not just starting the universe out with some precise mathematical laws that determine physics and chemistry. This is a message. Whoever makes the universe hides messages in transcendental numbers so they’ll be read fifteen billion years later when intelligent life finally evolves. I criticized you and Rankin the time we first met for not understanding this. ‘If God wanted us to know that He existed, why didn’t he send us an unambiguous message? I asked. Remember?”


“I remember very well. You think God is a mathematician.”


“Something like that. If what we’re told is true. If this is not a wild-goose chase. If there’s a message hiding in pi and not one of the infinity of other transcendental numbers. That’s a lot of ifs.”


“You’re looking for Revelation in arithmetic. I know a better way.”


“Palmer, this is the only way. This is the only thing that would convince a skeptic. Imagine we find something. It doesn’t have to be tremendously complicated. Just something more orderly than could accumulate by chance that many digits into pi. That’s all we need. Then mathematicians all over the world can find exactly the same pattern or message or whatever it proves to be. Then there are no sectarian divisions. Everybody begins reading the same Scripture. No one could then argue that the key miracle in the religion was some conjurer’s trick, or that later historians had falsified the record, or that it is just hysteria or delusion or a substitute parent for when grow up. Everyone could be a believer.” (Carl Sagan, Contact, Simon and Schuster, the number 1985, 418-4the number 19, New York)


The conversation above is quoted from Carl Sagan, an astronomer, not conversant with the Quran’s mathematical miracles. In his work, he displays the imaginative approach of philosophers: God’s mathematical evidence. As a universal language leaving no room for suspicion, mathematics has always attracted philosophers and scientists. The quotation above is a proof of this. God, well aware of the values and conditions of our time and of the desires of the human mind, answers this search for certainty with mathematics at a time when this science is at its peak. Just like it is mentioned in the Quran: “not complicated” and “impossible to imitate.”


Some points must be added to Carl Sagan’s quotation: Supposing that such a miracle did happen, it would be wrong to think that the public will land credence to it. The psychology of the cynic who never gives in, who is always keen in finding loopholes and who avoids the common sense will be deaf and blind to clearest evidences. Miracles whose spokesman is mathematics admit no refutation. However not everybody is endowed with such bagacity. 




23- If you are in doubt of what we have revealed to our Servant, and then bring a sura like this, and call any witness, apart from God, you like if you are truthful.

24- But if you cannot, as indeed you cannot, then guard yourselves against the fire whose fuel is men and rocks which has been prepared for the disbelievers.

                                                                           2. The Cow, 23- 24


You will see very clearly that it is quite impossible to imitate even a single sura in the Quran, when you start reading the sections of the present work on the Quran’s mathematical miracles. Every sura happens to be encoded and the words used in them are interlocked in mathematical terms and every particular sura is locked in by a mathematical code.



36- Do not follow that of which you have no knowledge. Because the ear, the eye and the heart, each will be questioned.

                                                                           17. The Children of Israel, 36


The mathematical and scientific miracles God displays are for the people who use their minds and have intention to see them. Stubborn deniers, people taking advantage of religion and people who experience it by imitating the people around themselves; they can not draw any benefit of these miracles unless they change their self seeking attitudes. God despises the people who imitate other people as ritual. The real value is in the people who do not expect any worldly benefits, who use their minds, explore, and search for evidences in the universe and in the holy books. Woe to emulators deprived of discursive reason who believes in what a saint or a sheik says so and follows the things they do not know. May God protect us from people who sell their religion in consideration for a few dollars, euros, gold coins and seek reputation, and from these who represent religion as myths and dreams?


God sent us a book the contents of which are endorsed by the miracles it reveals. It displays miracles and proofs contents being coded in mathematical criteria. The Quran is a guide for us.


50- For they say:” How is it no signs were sent down to Him from His Lord?” Say “The signs are with God. I am only a plain Warner.”

51- Is it not sufficient for them that We have revealed the Book to you which is read out to them? It is indeed a grace and reminder for people who believe.

                                                                                   29. The Female Spider, 50. 51.




Of the Quran’s the 83rd sura, the Cheaters (Al-Mutaffifeen), speaks of an “encoded book” in two instances. The Arabic of this word is “kitabun markum.” These verses are evidences of God’s encoding the books, His involving mathematics into the system. The following verses are representative specimens.


7- Indeed, the book of the wicked is in Sijjeen.

8- Do you know what Sijjeen is?

9- A numerically structured book.

                                                    83. The Cheaters, 7- 9


17- They will be told “This is what you used to deny.”

18- Indeed, the book of the righteous will be in “elleyyeen.”

19- Do you know what “elleyyeen” is?

20- A numerically structured book.

21- To be witnessed by those close to Me.

                                                     83. The Cheaters, 17-21


The Quran speaks of numerically structured figures with reference both to the good and to the evil. While these who are brought close to this encoded book can testify, the same is not made available for the evil charecters. The evil charecters call the proofs of God as legends and deny their truth. (The Cheaters,13). The evidences in hand show that the Quran is a numerically structured scripture. There are those who confirm this while others assert that its contents but legends and stories. It is a boon of God to be able to appreciate and to confirm these miracles.




We have divided the presentation of the mathematical miracles into two groups. The first group consists of the Mathematical Miracles of concordance (MMLH)). We shall tackle the subject from different angles: (1) the lexical concordance (2) the concordance of words among themselves and (3) the concordance of words with Universal phenomenon. These miracles are easy to understand but impossible to imitate. Even the ones who are not really interested in mathematics can easily understand the miracles in question. The second part takes up the “miracle of the number 19”. We shall dwell particularly number 19, an enigmatic figure mentioned in the Quran. We shall see that the whole Quran is imbued with it. Anybody who can count from 1 to 19 can easily witness to this miracle, easy to understand but impossible to imitate. We run across this mystery in many instances. To understand all the characteristics that this number contains one must have recourse to the theory of probability and a deeper research is needed.


While writing the mathematical sections of our book for the MMLH miracles, we had recourse to works like Abdülrezzak Nevfel’s and for the sections treating of number 19, we used different studies like Cesar Majul’s, Rashad Khalifa’s Richard Voss’ and Milan Sulc’s. We are not acquainted with any of these people. We did not include any of these people’s ideas on religion into our book. We have been careful not to get involved in any debates among believers although to discuss would be fruitful. But it is out side our main concern. We were also very careful not to include mathematical miracles which have not been sanctioned. A person who affirms that “The Quran is God’s book” must realize the importance of this miracle and must be grateful to God.


Whatever the identities of the discoverers of these miracles were, the miracles the Quran contain will not be affected in any way because they are the Quran’s miracles and they were there to be discovered. Their truth can be checked anytime. Even if the discoverer’s being an atheist would not hurt the truth. (For example, the word month is used 12 times in the Quran. Whoever discovers this fact makes no difference because it has been there for 1400 years. It is very easy to check the truth of this.)


Skepticism is a widespread sickness of our age. The mathematical miracles of the Quran can be checked any time and this is the best answer for the skepticism. These miracles are not ephemeral phenomena. The Quran and its miracles are there and can be checked any time.


88- Say, “If all the humans and the jinns came together in order to produce a The Quran like this, they would surely fail, no matter how much assistance they lent one another.”

                                                                                        17. The Children of Israel, 88



 Mathematical Miracle in Lexical Harmony Introduction (All of Them)MMLH (All of them)1 – A Day2 – Days3 – The Derivativesof the Word Day4 – Year5 – That Day and the Resurrection Day6 – The Moon7 – The Months8 – The Date of the Landing on the Moon9 – The Land-Sea Ratio10 – The Color White11 – Seven Heavens12 – Atomic Number of Iron13 – Iron’s Isotopes14 – The Highest Degree15 – The Surah on Honey-Bees16 – World and Hereafter17 – Angels and the Devil18 – Benefit and Corruption19 – Sexual crime, Transgression and Wrath20 – Dirtiness and Nastiness21 – Openly and Publicly22 – Satan and Seek Refuge23 – Sorcery and Temptation24 – Language and Advice25 – Say and They Said26 – Mercy and Guidance27 – Mercy, Merciful and Gracious28 – Righteousness and Reward29 – Hope and Fear30 – Cold and Hot31 – Plant, Grow and Fruit32 – Tree and Plant33 – Sin and Sexual Crime, Transgression, Wrath34 – Rich and Poor35 – Thamud and The Noise36 – The People of Lot and the Shower of rocks37 – Destination and Forever38 – Act and Response39 – Sun and A Light40 – Annoyance and Rejoice41 – Justice and Injustice42 – Harm and Benefit43 – Sabbath44 – The First Blow of the Horn and the Second Blow of the Horn45 – The Stages of Creation and Man46 – Intoxicants, gambling, idols, fortune arrows and dirtiness, devil’s labor47 – The 309th Word48 – Adam and Jesus49 – Messenger and People50 – Messenger and The Names of the Messengers  .

sourse/courtesy-Quranic Research

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